My top 10 travel bag essentials

So I thought I would put together a small list of some of my handbag/babybag travel essentials… You may have some of these bits already, and most probably have your s**t more together than me and have a wayyyy more “prepped for any situation” holdall.

Anyway, I love reading and getting ideas and Inspo from other mamas so why not share with you what we keep in our bag with items that can and have come to the rescue on many an occasion…

Number one has to be the homeopathic remedy Arnica. For some reason, bumps and bruises seem to happen to us way more on holiday than at home and Arnica is the ultimate saviour. We keep the tablets and the cream in alllll bags (both at home and on holiday actually) and make sure to use straight away when either us or the littles have a bump.

My mum also told me (which I then also read up too) that arnica can help with jetlag! We are so used to the concept of travelling on an aeroplane, but in the bigger scheme of things its actually a pretty modern day thang. Supposedly even though our physical bodies travel at such fast speeds when we travel, but our minds struggle to keep up and arrive at the same time! And the magic pill arnica can help with that too!

Another remedy that is great for travel is Belladonna. It is amazing for sickness, fevers, tummy upsets and the dreaded food poisoning…

Homeopathic must-haves!


I always keep a selection of herbal teas on hand in my mama bag too, as all you need is some hot water and they can be so grounding and hydrating, for when I have over done the obligatory caffeine.

If you dont already have this, you must purchase ASAP… Rescue Remedy is another of those must haves for any shock you may encounter, it really helps to calm you or your kids down in any shocking situ’s.

Another essential is any baby product from Weleda! I just lovvvve their products. Their calendula range just really works on my girls and is even great for rashes or sunburn. I always keep their healing and protective nappy and moisturising face cream in my bag.

If we use suncream, we always use organic… There are SO many nasties in the usual bunch that – if you think about it – literally get burnt into your skin!! If its not crazy hot then I just use coconut oil as is has natural SPF!

To keep AP entertained – these Story Cubes are just fantastic! (She received them as a birthday pressie and we just love them – thanks D xx) They are little cubes that you roll and can create stories around and are completely open ended and create so much entertainment and imagination. Plus the box is tiny so just perfect to keep in your bag.

Nappies obvs… I always opt for NATY or Beaming Baby.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
If you can get away without screens for a while….


Some other things that are great for entertaining are Usborne activity cards – we have a few different sets and they are just so great! They come with a wipeable pen and so are reuseable, We take them on any journey (you can see how battered the box is!) but Ava honestly loves them. Travel size board games are really great too and if you fancy fitting some workbooks in for good measure we have found these ones from Kumon to be really engaging.

Some books for Sufi that are honestly my faaaaves (they were Ava’s originally) are the Follow Me set. They are based on a Montessori way of learning, tracing and using your finger to follow paths is a great pre-writing introduction and supports hand-eye coordination. They have both stories and learning books and I highly reccomend.

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Our fave toddler books


Now we obviously have a lottttt more than that in our travel bags and suitcases but just wanted to share a few of our essentials with you and honestly one of the main reasons I am writing this post is because I would love some mama feedback as to what YOUR travel (or just any time to be honest) essentials are… Give me some tips please, I would love to know what works for you and your family!




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