Raw Zucchini ‘French Fries’

So, trying to be healthy is hard. Really hard sometimes. You just can’t substitute the feeling of certain guilty treats that hit ‘the spot’. It is my mission to find tasty alternatives that make me feel like I’m being naughty when I’m actually not. I get sooo overly excited when an experiment with raw food really works and hits the treat spot. Well let me tell you, these zucchini fries WORK.

I encourage you to try them, even if you don’t have a dehydrator to keep them ‘raw’, you can still cook them on a low heat in the oven as a healthier alternative to fries…


Zucchini are very good for you, have a massive amount of health benefits and are pretty inexpensive. Do try and buy organic where possible.

You only need 3 ingredients! They are super cheap and super quick, and SUPER tasty… Let’s go!

• 2 Courgettes/Zucchini
• 1 teaspoon olive oil
• A sprinkle of Himalayan salt.


Simply slice the zucchini into shoestring size strips, coat in the oil (you really need the tiniest bit) then add some salt.

Place the strips on a mesh tray in the dehydrator at 115 and leave for around 10 hours (I find it easiest to do overnight) then find your tasty ‘french fries’ ready and waiting in the morning…

My mum was extremely disappointed that none were saved for her to try. They are too impossibly good to save for anyone to try.

Let me know your feedback if you try these yourself in the oven, it would be good to know a recommended oven temperature.

Enjoy x



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