My Earth Hour

Just sitting eating ice cream on my own, surrounded by only candles for the next hour (it’s earth hour). Looking into the flames a tiny little moth came into my view and started heading towards the light… It got me thinking about ‘us’ and how we are just like moths with what we are doing to ourselves and our planet. I’m slumped on the sofa eating green and blacks white chocolate and raspberry ice cream knowing all too well what it is doing to my body but still not putting down the spoon. I get in my car with Ava and will drive a short journey knowing all too well what it is doing to the environment. I would look at diamond jewellery in a magazine and admire it, my first thought would be to want it and not wonder where it came from… Again knowing all too well that the majority of diamonds are not fairly traded.

So why??? Why am I pushing self destruct time and time again? I am so easily tempted by the pleasures the world has to offer and yet they are all really so temporary. Why am I being a moth and heading straight for the flame?!


There are so many aspects of my life I ‘should’ or ‘could’ change for the better. But giving myself a hard time about it will probably only make me give up. You have to start small don’t you?! Like making conscious decisions to smile at someone, share something, recycle, or walk a journey that doesn’t NEED to be driven. It’s funny having all of my usual distractions turned off and just writing in the dark. It’s making me contemplate. It’s sadly extremely rare!

So saving the planet isn’t going to happen overnight. And I won’t become fully raw or vegan overnight by the looks of it either! But it’s about not beating yourself up and doing what you feel is the right thing to do at that moment. We don’t need to dive right in at the deep end, cos although I sometimes think that’s exciting. It never really lasts with me. I get an idea of something in my head, give it my all, then crash and burn. I often think it’s almost a race to get it all done, try every recipe, try all these positive ideas. But then I spread myself to thinly and nothing good comes from it… Note to self. Slow down Coral.

Just finding moments of stillness like this are good. Turn it off now and again. Breathe. Smile (even to yourself). Relax your shoulders. Think of someone or something you are grateful for and enjoy this very moment (I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s all we have) Then all decisions that come to you will be right for both you and all of us living beings.

Namaste 😉 x


2 thoughts on “My Earth Hour

  1. Lovely piece. I agree, do what you can when you can and you tend to find yourself being drawn to the next stage naturally instead of jumping in and burning out. Beautiful pic 🙂

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