Raw, Carb Free ‘Pasta’ and Pesto.

This recipe was definitely one that changed my attitude to raw food. I always knew you could experiment and try to imitate comfort food that was processed or cooked, but part of me always thought… Yeah, like it will actually fill the gap!! Ok, well this zucchini/courgette ‘pasta’ actually does! It is soooo tasty, fresh and full of life and is completely 100% guilt free.


When experimenting with a raw diet there were many kitchen contraptions on my wish list. Many are still on that list. However this fun, easy, inexpensive and creative gadget is a must have. Even if just for how pretty it can make a plain ol’ raw vegetable look. A Spiralizer is a really easy to use, man powered piece of equipment that you literally put in a hard raw fruit or veg, turn the handle and out come gorgeous spaghetti like spirals of whatever you choose. You can buy them online really easily. Mine is made by a brand called ‘spiralz’ and cost around £30. You can find cheaper or better quality versions but the reviews seemed good for this and I think it adequately does the job.

Zucchini/courgette works particularly well in a Spiralizer for some reason. To me, it honestlyyyyy does feel like you are having pasta with pesto. It’s really suprising how tasty and satisfying this dish is and extremely beneficial for you too. Zucchini has antioxidant, anti inflammatory and cancer fighting properties, contains vitamin C and manganese and even contains nutrients which help to lower blood sugar.

• 4 zucchini/courgette (I didn’t know they were the same thing until I googled it!)
• handful of fresh basil
• handful of spinach
• 1/2 clove of garlic
• 2 tsp nutritional yeast
• 2 tsp olive oil
• handful of pine nuts or hemp seeds
• some cherry tomatoes to garnish

Firstly, spiralize your zucchini to make your lovely raw ‘pasta’.

Put all of the remaining ingredients (bar the cherry toms) in a food processor and blend on a high speed to make a pesto like consistency. You can always add more oil if you feel it needs it.

Mix the pesto with the ‘pasta’, add the cherry tomatoes and any other raw toppings you like and there you have your guilt free, carb free ‘pasta’.

My 18 month old daughter even enjoyed getting involved with this recipe. She loved watching the spirals being made with the spiralizer and seemed to enjoy the tasting part too! Getting her in there young hey 😉

Enjoy x


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