Bugaboo Atelier – The stroller for all walks of life

Since being a mummy I’ve come to realise that anything that can make your life easier is worth its weight in gold. Hence why I wanted to share with you all about my main life saver… The Bugaboo buffalo.

Because we are homeschooling Ava, we often don’t know where we might end up some days. Although some days have structure, there is also a lot of spontaneity and so we need to be prepared for anything. Enter… The buffalo. One day we could be strolling along Brighton seafront, where the zippable extra long hood comes in so handy to keep the sun out of a sleeping bubbas eyes. Then the next day completely off grid up in the woods at forest school where the chunky wheels and sturdy frame means our walks are enjoyable and smooth and we can just enjoy the great outdoors rather than just staying to the paths…


Although it’s big, if you have the space it’s worth it.
The size and quality of this buggy makes for SUCH a smooth ride on any terrain. The huuuuge basket underneath means that we can take everything along with us and never be unprepared. (Although typically we always forget the things that we tend to need that day!)

Not only is it the most practical buggy out there in my eyes, it’s SO good looking for an all terrain. Especially now we have the limited edition Atelier. Which has a beautiful textured grey fabric with black leather detailing and the footmuff from the collection is soooo gorgeous which obviously works with our A/W wardrobe too 😉



Getting the seated buggy board is a must for a big age gap with two, Ava can just hop on and off when she fancies and when we are in busy places I know that she is safe right in front of us. Also fantastic entertainment for her lil sis too!

I tried quite a few different brands of stroller when Ava was young until I bought our Bugaboo and never looked back. Everything just works as it should and it gives me one less thing to worry about as a mama. We loved the buffalo so much that even though we sold our first one when Ava no longer needed a buggy, we had a look at a few others when I was pregnant with Sufi but knowing how perfect it was first time round, we didn’t want to risk trying something we may not be as happy with. The quality, practicality, durability and style of Bugaboo products has never disappointed me and trust me I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about a brand that I wasn’t fully behind.

So if you are a mama with a lifestyle that needs practically but still want a stylish ride for your babe, a limited edition Atelier could be just what you were looking for.

Click here to find out more about the Atelier.



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