One of my journeys… Herbal Medicine

Before I fell pregnant with my daughter I hadn’t had a period for over a year, doctors had done standard routine tests and nothing seemed to be wrong. I went to see an amazing specialist Mazin Al-Khafaji, he informed me that in China if a woman’s menstrual cycle is one day out of sync that they go to see a doctor, it is seen as an extremely important part of a female’s overall health and any irregularity is a red flag to a sign of imbalance within the body.

In my initial consultation I was asked about my complete medical history, my personality traits, asked to show my tongue, my sleeping patterns and diet and lifestyle choices. A concoction of herbs is then prescribed to individually suit my medical needs. The herbs are then cooked and prepared for you ready to collect the following day. Pretty big sachets of brown liquid, that don’t look or smell too appealing. But as instructed I took my medicine twice a day, every day. Let me tell you, it is no spoonful of sugar job… The sachets of herbs are extremely bitter and potent. I would hold my nose whilst downing the contents, then shove marmite in my mouth to take away the taste. Maybe a bit dramatic, but hey! I had about 2 months worth before all of a sudden my period was back! I felt like me again.

Then strangely the following month my period never came… My mini Pearl had been conceived!

Mazin specialises in modern Chinese medicine and is seen to be one of the leading experts in the world. I had been to see him a few years previously about a skin disorder that western doctors had told me would need either steroid or chemotherapy treatment. My mum Jules said that I must try other avenues first and advised I try Avicenna centre and opt for a holistic alternative. After a few months of drinking the herbs and applying some topical cream, my skin had completely cleared and not even left any signs of scarring!

From my experience Chinese doctors really do get to the root of the problem and try to heal from there rather than just giving you a drug that is used for an array of illnesses. If myself or anybody in my family for that matter ever had an internal imbalance or illness I wouldn’t think twice about seeking advice from a holistic practitioner. These two experiences have completely changed my views on medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.
Without Chinese medicine my daughter wouldn’t even be here. To me there is no greater miracle than that and to Mazin I am eternally grateful.


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