No Bake – Raw Cacao Cake


The easiest and tastiest No Bake – Raw Cacao Cake!

If you are new to experimenting with raw food and want to try out a simple yet delicious recipe this is a great one to start with…
Raw cacao has to be one of my favourite ‘superfoods’, people make the assumption that it’s got to be naughty because it’s chocolatey but it is SO SO beneficial for you and is literally packed full of nutrients and antioxidants which work miracles on your body and mind (proven to help improve your mood!)
There are two stages to the cake and a bit of freezer time is needed, so start preparing earlier rather than later if you need to… The first time I made this I did the first stage only a few hours before and it worked out a treat, but better to be safe than sorry.
I got the initial inspiration for the recipe from a blog (Eat Green Cake) but tweaked a few ingredients and the outcome was delicious so I thought I would share…

I N G R E D I E N T S –

The base:

1 cup Almonds

100g Medjool dates (pitted)

1/4 tsp Himalayan salt

The filling:

70g raw cacao powder

1/3 cup coconut oil

100g maple syrup (or natural sweetener of your choice)

3 medium sized, ripe avocados

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

*If you can, try to source organic ingredients where possible… It makes this cake EVEN better with no added nasties.

M E T H O D –

The base:
Start by putting the almonds in the food processor and blending until they are a crumb like consistency (not flour), then add the dates and salt until completely mixed in and the texture is mouldable.

Add all the base ingredients to the cake tin and flatten down until even and solid.

Place in the freezer to harden for a few hours.
The filling:

Add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor and blend until a creamy smooth consistency… Have a taste…!!
Take the set base out of the freezer and dollop on the creamy cacao filling and smooth over until there is an even coverage.

Sprinkle on some toppings if you wish (I added some cacao nibs for added crunch)

Place the cake back in the freezer to set for a few more hours and try to wait patiently….
If you are planning on slicing the cake up then maybe move the cake from the freezer to the fridge 20 mins or so before serving just to soften it up and making it easier to slice (and eat with a fork).

And there you have it… Honestly, if you don’t think this cake is ridic, then there may be something wrong with your tastebuds!

Enjoy xx

And try and save some for later….


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